2. Diagnose the problem

Diagnosing the problem is about finding out the root causes that explain why you’re here today. A why logic tree can help you organize your thinking, formulate hypotheses, test the hypotheses and conclude.

Leverage analogies

Using analogies can help you approach new, unfamiliar problems creatively, but they can also be constraining. To sidestep this limitation, understand your assumptions and look for alternative analogies. Analogies can help you approach unfamiliar problems Facing an unfamiliar problem, using an analogy (or its close cousin, the metaphor) can help you […]

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Use an assertion-evidence structure in your slides

Many PowerPoint presentations are dreadful. But that doesn’t mean that yours have to be. Capturing ideas in the taglines of slides can go a long way towards improving the quality of your presentations. Yale’s Edward Tufte, a preeminent specialist in data visualization, vehemently criticized PowerPoint presentations, noting that it “promotes a cognitive […]

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