3. Identify solutions

Identifying solutions is about uncovering various alternative ways in which you can solve your problem. Using a how logic tree can help you organize your thinking, formulate hypotheses, test the hypotheses and conclude.

Don’t underestimate the human side

Recently, I had a conversation with a dean of engineering. He was looking for a big idea—one to take his school from here (top 30 nationwide) to there—the ultra-nerd stratosphere. I offered that he promoted training his students and faculty to think strategically. This is what I sell, so I’m […]

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Go beyond traditional decision analysis

A central aspect of my approach to solving complex problems builds on the widespread agreement that effective problem solvers are T-shaped, with both depth and breadth of knowledge. Develop a breadth of skills & knowledge The breadth of knowledge—what I call strategic thinking—includes having sufficient exposure to other fields so that you can […]

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Strategic Thinking is available for pre-order

My upcoming book, Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving, is available for pre-order. It will ship on August 3, 2016. Get it from Amazon. Get it from Oxford University Press. Get it from Barnes & Noble. The book includes many of the ideas covered on this site with a deeper treatment and […]

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