3. Identify solutions

Identifying solutions is about uncovering various alternative ways in which you can solve your problem. Using a how logic tree can help you organize your thinking, formulate hypotheses, test the hypotheses and conclude.

Practice and enlist others

It’s like tennis, you can’t become a good problem-solver just by reading about it. You have to practice it. And just like tennis, you’ll become much better if you practice with others rather than by yourself.That’s why my graduate-level problem-solving course is not exactly a course. Rather, it’s a practical […]

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Build issue trees: diagnosis trees and solution trees

Issue trees (also called issue maps and logic trees) are at the heart of our problem-solving approach and, therefore, are a recurrent theme on this site. We use two types of trees: diagnosis trees and solution trees. An issue tree is a graphical breakdown of your key question. Trees have […]

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