3. Identify solutions

Identifying solutions is about uncovering various alternative ways in which you can solve your problem. Using a how logic tree can help you organize your thinking, formulate hypotheses, test the hypotheses and conclude.

Don’t overdesign your solution

Designing a bridge without over designing it takes skills

Some problems require complex solutions. Others don’t. It’s important that you recognize the situation you’re in and find a solution that is as simple as possible. That is, don’t overdesign solutions. To illustrate, let’s make fun of the French like we’re a Republican running for office in 2003. Designing solutions, more isn’t necessarily […]

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Recognize and market your transferrable skills

Ideal problem solvers are t-shaped

Many of the advanced doctoral students I speak with share one characteristics: they fail to recognize that they have transferrable skills and knowledge. And, as they finally land an interview with a potential employer, they’re selling themselves short. But getting an advanced degree, or indeed, solving any complex problem, brings you more […]

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Borrow ideas from other disciplines

“Problem solving in medicine is not the same as in military” or so the thinking goes. Of course, there are obvious differences and these differences call for specialized training. But there are also common denominators, and it’s to your benefit to recognize when you can borrow ideas from other disciplines. Refrain […]

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