Issue trees / logic trees

An issue tree / logic tree (also called issue map) is graphical breakdown of a problem that can be used to identify potential solutions.

Be more MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive)

We’ve talked about how thinking in a mutually exclusive and collective exhaustive way is central to effective problem solving. But this is such an important concept that we should talk about it more. First, be CEME, not MECE To solve a problem in a MECE way you need to consider […]

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Use Standard Issue Trees – Part 1 – A Profitability Tree

Teaching my course in problem solving I realized that many people face the same business problems. Although you should design each issue tree with your specific situation in mind, you shouldn’t have to start it from scratch. This is what this series of posts is about: we’ll develop standard trees […]

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Learn to build issue trees by watching

Matthew Juniper, at Cambridge, demonstrates how to build issue trees. His approach is very similar to ours and he has an excellent video to describe it so you might want to watch it; here are the highlights I like best. Work on one specific question. Matthew starts his issue tree […]

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