Issue trees / logic trees

An issue tree / logic tree (also called issue map) is graphical breakdown of a problem that can be used to identify potential solutions.

Case study: cables negotiation — part 3/8 — Build a why issue tree (2/2)

This entry is part of a multi-post case study. So, we’re back to our cables negotiation. We’ve defined the problem and identified the basic framework for breaking down the key question. Next we need to build our diagnostic tree, why issue tree. Building the why issue tree / issue map essentially […]

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Build issue trees: diagnosis trees and solution trees

Issue trees (also called issue maps and logic trees) are at the heart of our problem-solving approach and, therefore, are a recurrent theme on this site. We use two types of trees: diagnosis trees and solution trees. An issue tree is a graphical breakdown of your key question. Trees have […]

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