Facing an unfamiliar, challenging situation, what should you do? Whether you are a student or a working professional, improving how you solve complex problems can result in critical improvements in your professional and personal life. Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving provides a general framework and tools to help you do so.

– Arnaud Chevallier

Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving breaks down the resolution process into a series of steps. For each of these four steps—the whatwhyhow, and do—it explains techniques that promote success and demonstrates how to apply them on a case study and in additional examples. The featured case guides you through the resolution process, illustrates how these concepts apply, and creates a concrete image to facilitate recollection.

Based on my course at Rice University and developments in many disciplines, this book provides practical ways to help you develop your problem solving skills, such as investigating complex questions with issue maps, using logic to promote creativity, leveraging analogical thinking to approach unfamiliar problems, and managing diverse groups to foster innovation.

Therefore, Strategic Thinking in Complex Problem Solving is a toolkit that integrates knowledge based on  theoretical and empirical evidence from many disciplines and explains it in accessible terms. As the book guides you through the various stages of solving complex problems, it also provides templates so that you can easily apply these approaches to your own personal projects.

304 pages. Published by Oxford University Press. More information available online at Google Books.