• How might we boost our earnings potential?

  • How do we provide clean water to all?

  • Why is our product underperforming?

  • How do we increase profitability?

Solving complex problems requires both specialist and generalist skills.

If you're like most professionals I see, much of your training helped you develop specialist skills. But how did you develop your generalist skills, that is, your strategic thinking? These skills, the thinking seems to go, we can acquire on the job, by trial and error.

That's fine, but training by experience can be expensive. As an alternative, this site provides ideas to help you become a better strategic thinker.


Frame the problem

Problem solving starts with framing the problem, that is, formally specifying what the problem is and, equally important, what it isn't.


Explore solutions

Next, explore potential solutions beyond whichever occurs to you intuitively. Also, explore the decision criteria: What's important to you and the other stakeholders in the solution.


Decide on a solution

Finally, decide on your chosen solution: Identify which solution has, on balance, the best tradeoffs and bring your team/boss/client onboard.

Improve your strategic thinking with additional resources