If you’re looking for help solving a complex problem, whether as a sounding board for your analysis or as a lead for designing and conducting your solution process, we can help.


Alternatively, you might prefer a training approach. Indeed, a typical consulting engagement helps you solve a particular problem. But, while your team might acquire some skills by osmosis, the core of the effort is on solving that problem, not on transmitting the capability to your organization, which limits the learning of your people.In contrast, training your team to solve complex problems based with a rigorous, structured approach has an excellent return on investment: by investing a few hours in the training of key personnel, you can significantly improve their performance on every one of their future projects.Furthermore, by training several people in the team, you establish a common vocabulary for exchanging ideas. This helps because it is easier for your team to remember the material and use it in the right settings. It also helps because team members can actively help their peers on their projects.We offer various customized training options, ranging from a one-hour webinar—to cover the basic theoretical concepts—to a 40h workshop, where participants bring in their actual project and get personalized coaching. That way, your return is both long term (a trained team that can tackle future problems) and short term—a resolution process for a problem salient to you now.

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