Fighting COVID-19 – Let's work the problem

Fighting COVID-19 – Let's work the problem

Mar 21, 2020

We are all exposed to COVID-19 and its multiple types of implications. So, let's use the wisdom of crowds to map out all the things that we—people (individuals and families), hospitals (and other healthcare organizations), other orgs (companies, non profits), and governments—can do to fight this thing.

I'm developing a how map that lists all the actions that these actors can take to eradicate COVID-19.

If you have ideas, please submit them in the comments below, and I'll update the map daily over the next weeks.

Let's work this problem!

Update from March 25. Want to do more? You can join a hackathon, such as the ones by Versusvirus and CodeVsCovid19.

Click below to see the latest version of the map:

Fighting COVID-19 2020-04-06
Thanks to contributors: Fabrizio De Notaris, Matteo Conti, Vlada Rey, Thibaut Decré, Adrien Duffournet, Leslie Farnsworth, Christos Cabolis, Albrecht Enders, Katharina Lange, Maude Lavanchy, Vincent Besse, Pierfrancesco Rosini, Sonia Klose, Joris Vanraak, Tania Baptista, Pierre Berthelot, Panos Kyrtatos, Niek ten Hove, Amadeus Beaujolin, Frédérique Grémeaux, Van Zell, Patrick Reinmoeller, Tamara Crouch, Van Zell.

Other useful links:

A critical element that we can all do is help share quality information and prevent the sharing of misleading information. The CDC has a useful list of facts about COVID-19 here.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 page.World Heath Organization's COVID-19 page.Johns Hopkins' interactive map of global cases.Worldometer's tracking of cases by country.